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Web Strap Hoist Schematics

Click on the links below to download Web Strap Hoist schematics in pdf format. These schematics show exploded view drawings with part #’s.

Model 2W10 Hoists

Model 2W10

Model 2W10B

Model 2W10HB

Model 2W10S

Model 2W10SB

Model 2W10U

Model 3W08 Hoists

Model 3W08

Model 3W08B

Model 3W08BL

Model 3W08S

Model 3W08SB

Model 3W08SBL

Model 3W08SHB

Model 3W08SU

Model 3W08SY

Model 3W08SYL

Model 3W08U

Model 3W08Y

Model 3W08YL

Model 4W12 Hoists

Model 4W12

Model 4W12B

Model 4W12BL

Model 4W12HB

Model 4W12U

Model 4W12Y

Model 4W12YU

Model 30W08 Hoists

Model 30W08

Model 30W08B

Model 30W08HB

Model 30W08S

Model 30W08U

Model 3W11 Hoists

Model 3W11

Model 3W11B

Model 3W11U

Model 3W11UNMS

Model 3W15 Hoists

Model 3W15

Model 3W15B

Lincoln Hoist® & LUG-ALL® Parts

Repair Parts & Service

for LUG-ALL® hoists!

Lincoln designed and manufactured all hoists sold through the LUG-ALL ® sales organization from 1949-2008. No one knows more about supporting these hoists. If we built your hoist we can repair it. We are fully stocked with all your hoist parts and have an experienced hoist repair department.

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Tension Meters

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See our hoist cross reference chart from other hoist suppliers.

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A20S Lineman's Tension Meter

Check out our new 5 Ton Tension

Meter .

Comes in a rugged case with laser cut foam interior for a snug and protective fit.