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The Original Ratchet Winch Hoist

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Lincoln Hoist  - The new dog with the historic pedigree.

There are a lot of changes afoot in the manual lever hoist business. New names and new products come and go, as nearly anything is easily copied offshore these days. Lincoln Hoist is a new name in town, but since 1949 Lincoln Precision Machining Company has been designing and manufacturing hoists sold under the LUG-ALL® brand. In that time, we've learned a thing or two about building hoists.

Our affiliation with the LUG-ALL® Corporation has now ended. We are committed to building a new kind of hoist company, combining our historic level of quality with superior delivery and customer service. Our hoists continue to be made with the techniques and craftsmanship that we have developed over 60 years. We will reject the quick solution of copying parts in low cost countries and falling back on a reputation built over decades. We will instead build the hoists that we would want to use, build them with care and pride in the USA, and charge what we need to to accomplish those goals. We believe that there are still people that appreciate doing business that way.

We are a family owned business with a commitment to community. In keeping with our traditions, Lincoln Hoist will be contributing 10% of it's profits to charity. We hope that you'll give us a try and see what a difference that dealing with this kind of company can make.

David Hallen,


  Lincoln Hoist - A history of quality and innovation.

1949  - Introduced the first ratchet lever hoist using double interlocking pawls.

1964  - Patented the first portable ratchet lever hoist with 50 feet of stored cable.

1966  - First web strap ratchet lever hoist introduced.

1969  - Patented breakable stress link system for use with fiberglass handles.

1974  - Introduced the first 6,000lb. portable hoist with self storing cable.

1986  - Produced 1,000,000th portable ratchet lever hoist.

2001  - Introduced convertible web hoist using lynch pin fast attachments.

2010  - Produced 2,000,000th portable ratchet lever hoist.

2011  - Introduced RFID technology.