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Web Strap Hoist Options.

Our hoists are available with 3 optional styles of hooks, additional levers, hot stock rings or

a lynch pin block to help  make your job as trouble free as possible.

Add the letter to the end of the hoist model # to get the option you want.

Example - 3W08B gets hot stick hooks

“HB” Hot Stick Hooks & Latches

Our “HB” style hoists have a 1” welded steel ring on the hook and an aluminum ring on the latch.

“U” Gate Hook

Our swivel gate latch hook provides a positive locking action for secure load handling.

“B” Hot Stick Hook

Our “B” style hoists have 1” welded steel rings on the hook.

Optional Hooks

“B” Option

This option also adds hot stick rings to the pawl shafts and handle.

“L” Option

Lynch Pin Block

One pin pull to easily disassemble.

“Y” Option

This option adds levers to the pawl shafts, making it easier to operate your hoist with heavy gloves on.